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Types of Tractors: 20+ Tractor Types (With Pictures & Examples)

Tractors are unsung heroes. They power countless industries, from small farms to big projects. Different types of tractors play a pivotal role in food production, infrastructure development, and resource management.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a farmer, a landscaper, or a construction worker. The right tractor can greatly impact your productivity and success.

In this article, we’ll look at the vital role of tractors in many sectors. We’ll highlight the unique ways they contribute to the global economy.

Key Takeaways

  • Tractors are tailored for every task. Some are for backyard gardens, others for construction sites. They range from compact to behemoth and are hyper-specialized for top performance.
  • Modern tractors aren’t just powerful. They use advanced tech like GPS, hybrid engines, and autonomy. It boosts efficiency and sustainability.
  • Tractors are hidden heroes. They play a vital role in everyday life. They grow your food, build your roads, and ensure safe passage through snowy winters.
  • Specialty tractors, such as vineyard tractors, are designed to steer through tight spaces. They are for delicate crops. They showcase the thoughtfulness of their design.
  • The future of farming is electric and hybrid tractors. They are a greener alternative and the next frontier in farm tech.

1. Utility Tractor

Utility tractor
John Deere 5055E

Utility tractors are mid-sized and versatile. They are great for agriculturallandscaping, and light construction jobs. They come with engines that have 30 to 100 horsepower.

They work with many implements and attachments like mowerstillers, and loaders. You can get them with manualautomatic, or hydrostatic transmissions. Also, you can choose between open station or enclosed cab configurations.

Brands such as John DeereKubota, and New Holland are famous for these tractors. They are perfect for small to medium-sized farmslandscaping businesses, and contractors.

This is because they are very versatile.

They can do many tasks, from planting to harvesting. Also, they are great for mowingtilling, and grading because they can use a lot of different attachments. Because of this, they are very important for farminglandscaping, and light construction.

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Utility Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 5055EGeneral UtilityVersatile tractor suitable for a range of tasks including mowing, loader work, and hauling.
Kubota L4701Agricultural WorkCompact and powerful, ideal for small farms and landscaping.
New Holland Workmaster 75Light ConstructionEfficient for small-scale construction and general farm work.

2. Row Crop Tractor

row crop tractor
Case IH 315 Magnum

Row crop tractors are made for farming narrow rows. They work well between tight spaces of crops like corn or soybeans. These tractors have engines from 60 to 150 horsepower. They can have different types of tires to fit different row widths.

Row crop tractors come with different transmission types. You can get them with a manualautomatic, or hydrostatic system. They may also have an enclosed cab or be open.

Top brands in this field are John DeereCase IHNew HollandMassey FergusonFendt, and Deutz-Fahr. These machines are key in growing, tending, and harvesting crops efficiently.

These tractors can use various implements to help with farming work. They might have hitches, drawbars, and 3-point linkages for different jobs. They might also use hydraulic systems and PTO power.

It’s important to take good care of these tractors and ensure safety. This will keep them running well for a long time, whether they are new or used. It’s smart to buy from a good tractor dealer or tractor show.

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Row Crop Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 8R SeriesRow Crop FarmingHigh horsepower and advanced technology for efficient row crop farming.
Case IH MagnumLarge Scale FarmingReliable and powerful, designed for large-scale farming operations.
New Holland T7 Heavy DutyCrop CultivationVersatile with advanced features for precise crop management.

3. Orchard Tractor

orchard tractor
New Holland T4.110V

Orchard tractors are made for orchards, vineyards, and special crop farms. They are small and easy to move. They go between rows of trees or vines. Plus, they have small cabs to not hit the branches above.

These tractors usually have 30 to 70 horsepower engines. They come with special features like specialty tires or tracks for better grip. Also, they have hydraulic systems and 3-point hitches. These let them use special tools for jobs like spraying, pruning, and harvesting.

Companies like John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, Case IH, Massey Ferguson, and more make these tractors. They are key for working in orchards, vineyards, and special crop farms. They help do many important tasks quickly and accurately.

Orchard Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 5090GVOrchard FarmingNarrow design for maneuvering in tight orchard rows.
Kubota M5NVineyard WorkCompact and agile, ideal for vineyard and orchard work.
New Holland T4.110VFruit FarmingEngineered for efficiency in orchards and vineyards.

4. Compact Tractor

compact tractor
Kubota BX2380

Compact tractors are small and easy to move around. They’re perfect for jobs such as mowing, working on the garden, or moving snow. With engines in the 20 to 60 horsepower range, they’re more powerful than sub-compact tractors. They also sit higher off the ground. This means they can do jobs in rougher terrain.

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These tractors can be used with attachments and implements, including mowers, tillers, loaders, and more. You can choose if you want to change the gears by hand or have the tractor do it for you. Plus, you can get one that covers you from the weather.

John Deere, Kubota, New Holland, Case IH, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Deutz-Fahr, Mahindra, and LS Tractor are some top brands.

People love using compact tractors for small to medium properties, landscaping, and hobby farms. This is because they’re so versatile and easy to work with.

Compact Tractor Types

Brand/ModelTaskBrief Description
John Deere 3025ELandscapingSmall yet powerful, perfect for landscaping and small farm tasks.
Kubota BX2380GardeningCompact size with ample power for garden maintenance.
New Holland Boomer 40Hobby FarmingVersatile for a variety of small farming and residential tasks.

5. Sub-Compact Tractor

subcompact tractor
Mahindra eMax 20S

Sub-compact tractors are the smallest kind, perfect for land from 1 to 5 acres.

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They have diesel engines from 18 to 35 horsepower. Made with a low profile and small size, they’re great for moving easily in small areas. They use hydrostatic transmissions and come with or without a cab.

Sub-compact tractors are not as strong as bigger types but they work well for jobs like mowing, tilling, and light landscaping and construction. You will see brands like John Deere and Kubota in this class. They are ideal for new tractor owners or those with little land. These tractors are versatile and perfect for simple garden and lawn care.

These tractors come with essential features to use tools like mowers, tillers, and loaders.

To keep them running well and safe, regular tractor maintenance and safety are key. This advice applies to both new and used tractors you might find at tractor dealers or tractor shows.

Due to their compact size and easy handling, sub-compact tractors have found a big place in landscaping, mowing, tilling, grading, construction, earthmoving, and hauling on small plots.

Sub-Compact Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 1025RResidential UseCompact, versatile, ideal for mowing and light loader work.
Kubota BX1880Home LandscapingSmall footprint with the power to handle residential landscaping.
Mahindra eMax 20SSmall Property ManagementEfficient for small property maintenance and gardening.

6. Industrial Tractor

industrial tractor
Volvo L120H

Industrial tractors are like the big brothers of farm tractors. They are built for tough jobs in construction, moving dirt, and forestry. Their farm cousins help with planting and harvesting. But, these tractors are made to endure harsh places and lift heavy loads.

They have powerful diesel engines. The engines typically have 75 to 200 horsepower. The machines can be fitted with tools like loaders (for scooping) and backhoes (for digging).

This makes them very adaptable.

Their strong frames and powerful hydraulics help them handle tough tasks. They can do this without breaking.

These tractors have different ways to shift gears:

  • Manual
  • Automatic
  • Hydrostatic

The drivers can sit in open areas or enclosed cabs, depending on the model. Some popular brands make these tough machines. They include John Deere, New Holland, Caterpillar, and Volvo.

Industrial Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
JCB 3CXConstruction and UtilityVersatile backhoe loader for construction and utility work.
New Holland B110CIndustrial ApplicationsRobust for various industrial tasks, including loading, digging, and material handling.
Volvo L120HMaterial HandlingHigh-performance wheel loader for industrial and construction sites.
Caterpillar 930MMulti-TaskingVersatile wheel loader suitable for construction, agriculture, and industrial applications.
Komatsu WA320-8General PurposeEfficient for a variety of industrial and construction tasks, with advanced operator comfort.

7. Lawn and Garden Tractor

lawn and garden tractor
Kubota GR2120

Lawn and garden tractors are great for small…lawns and gardens! They have gasoline engines ranging from 12 to 26 horsepower. You’ll find features like automatic or hydrostatic transmissions, PTO power, and 3-point hitches.

These make it easy to do things like mowing and tilling on your land. Brands like John Deere, Kubota, Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, and Husqvarna are popular. They offer versatile, user-friendly machines for your lawns and gardens.

To keep your tractor running well and safe, you must do regular maintenance. Always wear personal protective equipment. And make sure to follow all safety rules.

When buying a tractor, think about the engine size, transmission type, tires, and cab configuration. These choices depend on your needs and the size of your land. Checking out different models at tractor dealers or tractor shows can help you decide.

Lawn and Garden Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere X350Lawn MowingReliable and efficient for residential lawn care.
Kubota GR2120Garden MaintenanceVersatile for mowing and garden tasks.
Husqvarna YTH24V48Yard WorkHigh-performance tractor for various yard maintenance tasks.

8. Articulated Tractor

Articulated tractors have a joint in the middle that lets the tractor bend when moving. This design helps them move easily around tight spots and rough places. They are used a lot in farming, constructionforestry, and other areas that need them to be nimble and tough.

These tractors usually have diesel engines between 100 to 400 horsepower. They can also have different tools attached to them. Big companies like John DeereCase IH, and New Holland make these types of tractors. They are great for jobs like logging, moving things, and digging, especially off the beaten path.

Articulated tractors can have manualautomatic, or hydrostatic transmissions. This means the driver can choose the best way to operate it. They also have special systems for moving things around better. This makes them really useful for all kinds of jobs.

Keeping these tractors safe and working well is important. They are built to last and keep the driver safe from bad weather. A key thing is to do regular checks and care for them like the maker suggests. This helps these machines work their best for a long time.

If you’re a farmer, construction worker, or someone working in the woods, an articulated tractor could be just what you need. Their unique abilities make them a must-have in many different lines of work.

Articulated Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 9RXLarge Scale FarmingHigh power and flexibility for large farming operations.
Case IH SteigerTillageAdvanced technology and power for heavy tillage.
New Holland T9Heavy Duty FarmingBuilt for the toughest farming tasks with high horsepower.

9. Military Tractor

Military tractors are built for a lot of military operations. They move equipment, supplies, and do construction. They work on tough terrain and in bad weather.

Military tractors are strong and easy to move around. They have tough diesel engines, usually from 100 to 400 horsepower. These tractors can drive all wheels, have strong transmissions, and special attachments. Some have an open station design or a protected cab for safety.

John DeereCase IHNew HollandMassey FergusonFendt, and Deutz-Fahr make these tractors. They are key in many military operations. They move important supplies and do big construction jobs in tough areas.

Military Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
M4 High Speed TractorArtillery TowingDesigned to tow heavy artillery, such as the 155mm Long Tom howitzer, used extensively during WWII​.
Oshkosh M1070Heavy Equipment TransportCapable of transporting heavy equipment and vehicles with advanced steering and winch systems.
Case VAIWAircraft TugUtilized for towing aircraft and ground support equipment on military airfields.

10. Autonomous Tractor

Autonomous tractors are changing farming with their advanced GPS guidance and sensor technology. They run by themselves, making farming more efficient and precise. You can find these tractors running on diesel or electric engines. They also have different transmission types for various needs.

These tractors come in different styles, from open station to enclosed cab designs. They can do many tasks, like planting, cultivating, and harvesting, with various attachments.

Big names in this tech are John Deere, Case IH, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, Fendt, and Deutz-Fahr. This technology is growing fast, making autonomous tractors key in precision agriculture and sustainable farming for the future.

Autonomous Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 8R AutonomousAutonomous FarmingAdvanced autonomous technology for precision farming.
Case IH Autonomous ConceptSelf-Driving FarmingInnovative concept tractor for autonomous field work.
New Holland NHDriveAutomated CultivationFully autonomous for efficient and precise cultivation.

11. Loader Tractor

Loader tractors are known for their front-mounted loader bucket or other attachment. They handle tasks like moving and loading materials. They clear debris and do light earthmoving work. These tractors have engines ranging from 40 to 100 horsepower, usually diesel.

They come with manualautomatic, or hydrostatic transmissions. Loader tractors have features like PTO power and advanced hydraulic systems. These power the loader and any other tools they might carry. They also have 3-point hitches and drawbars for extra support.

Brands like John Deere and Kubota are well-known in this field. Loader tractors are widely used in farming, landscaping, and construction. They are valued for their handling and versatility. They can come with an open or closed operator cab, meeting various needs.

When fitted with a loader at the front, they become essential for many tasks. They are perfect for moving materials, clearing debris, and light earthwork. These tractors are crucial for farmers, landscapers, and contractors. They need a strong, flexible machine for their work.

Loader Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 444KMaterial HandlingVersatile and powerful, ideal for loading and material transport.
Caterpillar 938MConstructionRobust and reliable for heavy-duty construction and material loading.
Case 570N EPUtility WorkEfficient for a variety of utility and construction tasks.

12. Backhoe Tractor

Imagine a machine that’s the Swiss Army knife of the tractor world. That’s the backhoe tractor. A loader up front, a backhoe at the back – it’s a powerhouse designed to dig, trench, and lift.

Picture this: a diesel engine roaring to life, channeling anywhere from 40 to 100 horsepower through a transmission that can be manual, automatic, or even hydrostatic. This isn’t just about raw power. It’s about control.

The three-point hitch and drawbar?

They’re not just fancy tractor terms. They’re the key to unlocking a whole world of attachments. This machine can do more than just dig and lift.

It can mow, plow, till… the list goes on.

Names like John Deere, Kubota, and Case IH dominate this arena. These are the brands that have earned their stripes on farms, construction sites, and landscaping projects alike.

Need a trench dug? No problem.

Need to move a mountain of dirt? Easy.

The backhoe tractor is the answer when you need a machine that can do it all.

Backhoe Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 310LConstructionVersatile and powerful, ideal for digging, trenching, and loading.
Caterpillar 420F2EarthmovingRobust and reliable for heavy-duty digging and material handling.
Case 580NUtility WorkEfficient for a variety of construction and utility tasks.

13. Vineyard Tractor

Imagine a machine so agile it can dance between delicate grapevines, its narrow frame a safeguard against crushed fruit. This isn’t fantasy; it’s the vineyard tractor. These compact powerhouses are built for the exacting world of winemaking.

Think of tight spaces, sloping hills, and rows of precious grapes—challenges these tractors conquer with ease. Their low-slung bodies and slender builds allow them to navigate vineyards without damaging the crop. It’s a delicate ballet, one that requires specialized tires and adjustable track widths to maintain grip on uneven terrain.

Under the hood, these machines are no lightweights.

Engines typically range from 30 to 70 horsepower, delivering the muscle needed for tasks like spraying, pruning, and even harvesting. They’re not just workhorses; they’re precision instruments.

Brands like John Deere, Kubota, and New Holland have honed their craft to meet the specific needs of vineyards. They understand that the winemaker’s success depends on the health of their vines, and their tractors are built with this in mind.

So, the next time you savor a glass of wine, remember the unsung hero behind the scenes: the vineyard tractor.

Vineyard Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
Kubota M5NVineyard WorkCompact and agile, perfect for tight vineyard rows.
John Deere 5090GVGrapevine ManagementDesigned for efficient operation in vineyards with narrow rows.
New Holland T4.110VPrecision FarmingEngineered for precision in vineyard management.

14. High Crop Tractor

In the world of farming, some crops reach for the sky. Think sugarcane, towering sunflowers, and bushy cotton plants. To navigate these fields without crushing precious growth, farmers rely on high crop tractors – the giants of agricultural machinery.

These machines are not your average tractors.

They stand tall on raised axles and oversized tires, clearing even the loftiest crops with ease. Adjustable wheel spacing lets them glide between rows, leaving the plants undisturbed.

Engines often exceed 150 horsepower, providing the muscle needed for demanding tasks like deep tillage and heavy spraying.

Farmers seeking these specialized machines turn to trusted brands like Case IH, John Deere, and New Holland.

High Crop Tractor

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 6120EHHigh Crop CultivationHigh clearance for efficient crop cultivation.
Case IH Farmall 105CRow Crop WorkIdeal for tall crops like sugarcane and vegetables.
Massey Ferguson 5711Specialty CropsHigh ground clearance for specialty crop farming.

15. Crawler Tractor

Ever seen a machine move on steel tracks instead of wheels? Meet the crawler tractor.

It’s not just a tractor; it’s a powerhouse.

Built for the toughest jobs, these machines conquer construction sites and forests with ease.

Muddy terrain? Steep slopes? No problem. Those continuous tracks provide grip and balance that wheels can’t match.

Under the hood, a diesel engine roars. It’s not just any engine – these range from 100 to 400 horsepower, the muscle behind massive hydraulic systems. These systems power dozers, excavators, and other heavy implements.

Think of it as the backbone of any earthmoving project.

Caterpillar, Komatsu, and John Deere are the titans of this industry. Their crawler tractors are legendary for their ruggedness and reliability.

When you need raw power and unwavering stability, there’s only one choice.

Crawler Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
Caterpillar D6 (Bulldozer/Crawler Dozer)EarthmovingRobust crawler tractor for heavy-duty construction and earthmoving.
John Deere 450K (Crawler Dozer)ConstructionDurable and powerful, ideal for grading and construction tasks.
Komatsu D61PX (Mid-Size Crawler Dozer)Land ClearingDesigned for efficient land clearing and grading.

16. Antique Tractor

Antique tractors: sun-baked relics whispering stories of simpler times.

Their hand-cranked engines and weathered paint evoke images of sun-drenched fields and harvests earned. These pre-1960s machines are time capsules, preserving the ingenuity of a generation.

Collectors lovingly restore them, transforming rust into gleaming chrome. Tractor shows become vibrant celebrations, showcasing these mechanical masterpieces. Museums proudly display them, offering a glimpse into a bygone era of farming.

John Deere, Farmall, Ford: their names echo in the hearts of enthusiasts, their designs coveted by collectors.

These vintage tractors might not match the power of modern machines, but they offer something more: a tangible link to our agricultural roots.

Antique Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere Model AHistorical UseClassic tractor popular among collectors and restorers.
Farmall HVintage FarmingIconic tractor known for its reliability and simplicity.
Ford 8NGeneral PurposeWidely used mid-20th-century tractor, favored for its versatility.

17. Hybrid Tractor

Hybrid tractors: the future of farming, today.

These innovative machines blend traditional diesel power with cutting-edge electric motors. The result? A tractor that’s not only more fuel-efficient but also smarter.

Here’s how it works: the electric motor handles lighter tasks, saving diesel for when you need maximum power. This translates to longer operating hours, reduced fuel costs, and fewer emissions.

Industry leaders like John Deere and Fendt are embracing this technology. They know that the future of farming is sustainable, and hybrid tractors are a significant step in that direction.

These tractors represent more than just technological advancement. They represent a commitment to a healthier planet and a more efficient agricultural industry.

Hybrid Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
Fendt e100 VarioHybrid FarmingCombines electric power with diesel for efficient farming.
John Deere SESAMSustainable FarmingElectric tractor prototype focusing on sustainability.
New Holland T6 Methane PowerEco-friendly FarmingUtilizes methane for reduced emissions and sustainable farming.

18. Electric Tractor

Imagine a field where the only sound is the rustle of leaves and the chirping of birds. This isn’t a dream; it’s the future of farming, powered by electric tractors.

These battery-operated machines are silent revolutionaries. They produce zero emissions, replacing the diesel roar with a gentle hum.

Range and power might be a concern, but don’t underestimate these quiet workhorses. They’re evolving rapidly.

Companies like Solectrac and Monarch Tractor are leading the charge, developing electric tractors that are not only eco-friendly but also practical for a variety of farming tasks.

The future of agriculture is quiet, clean, and efficient. It’s here, and it’s electric.

Electric Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
Monarch Tractor MK-VElectric FarmingFully electric, autonomous tractor designed for sustainable farming.
Solectrac eUtilitySmall Farm WorkCompact electric tractor ideal for small farms and light tasks.
John Deere 8R ElectricHeavy Duty FarmingPowerful electric tractor prototype for large-scale farming.

19. Specialty Tractors

Farming isn’t one-size-fits-all. Neither are tractors.

Specialty tractors meet the unique demands of specific crops. Potatoes, sugarcane, rice, cotton—each has its own challenges. These tractors rise to the occasion, tailored with features that optimize efficiency and productivity.

Think adjustable row spacing for delicate vineyards, or specialized harvesting equipment for fragile fruits.

Brands like Kubota, Case IH, and New Holland understand this need for specialization. They offer a range of specialty tractors, empowering farmers to excel in their chosen fields.

The right tool for the right job. That’s the power of specialty tractors.

Specialty Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
Ventrac 4500ZSlope MowingDesigned for mowing on steep slopes and rough terrain.
Holder C 70Municipal MaintenanceSidewalk tractor, versatile for a range of municipal maintenance tasks.
Yanmar YT359Rice FarmingSpecialized for efficient rice planting and harvesting in wet fields.
Case IH Module Express 635Cotton HarvestingDesigned for efficient cotton picking and module building.
Grimme SE 260Potato HarvestingHigh-performance potato harvester with advanced sorting and handling features.
Kubota M8 SeriesSpecialty Crop FarmingVersatile tractor designed for a variety of specialty crops.

20. Forestry Tractor

Forestry tractors: heavy-duty machines built to conquer the unforgiving terrain of logging.

Powerful engines roar beneath their reinforced frames. Specialized attachments like grapples and winches effortlessly haul massive logs through dense undergrowth.

These machines are more than just brawn. They navigate treacherous slopes, traverse muddy trails, and operate in all weather conditions.

John Deere, Caterpillar, Tigercat: these brands dominate the forestry tractor market, providing the tools necessary for sustainable logging.

Forestry tractors: a testament to human ingenuity and our ability to responsibly manage the delicate balance between industry and nature.

Forestry Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
John Deere 848L-IILoggingPowerful and durable, designed for logging and forestry tasks.
Caterpillar 555DTimber HarvestingEfficient for heavy timber harvesting and skidding.
Tigercat 610EForest ManagementAdvanced features for efficient forest management.

21. Snow Tractor

Winter’s fury is no match for the snow tractor.

These workhorses plow through drifts, clearing roads and driveways with their powerful blades and blowers.

Tracks bite into snow and ice, providing unmatched traction where tires would fail. Salt spreaders and plows are just a few of the tools they wield, transforming them into versatile snow-removal machines.

Kubota, New Holland, Case IH: these brands are at the forefront of snow tractor technology. Their machines keep communities connected, ensuring safe passage through the harshest winters.

Snow tractors: the unsung heroes that make winter a little less daunting.

Snow Tractor Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
Prinoth HuskySnow GroomingEfficient for grooming ski slopes and snowmobile trails.
Kässbohrer PistenBully 600Snow ManagementHigh-performance for snow grooming and management.
John Deere 4052RSnow RemovalVersatile tractor with attachments for efficient snow removal.

22. Tractor Trailer

The word “tractor” may make you think of farm fields. But, the tractor-trailer reigns supreme on the highway. They are called semi-trucks or big rigs. They are the backbone of long-haul freight.

They are a powerful tractor unit pulling one or more trailers. They move goods across vast distances well. Large diesel engines propel them, and their configurations vary to accommodate diverse cargo.

Freightliner, Peterbilt, and Kenworth lead the industry. They are famous for making reliable tractor trailers. These trailers are essential for keeping global supply chains running.

Tractor Trailer Types

Tractor Brand/ModelTaskDescription
Peterbilt 579Long Haul TransportFuel-efficient and powerful for long-haul trucking.
Freightliner CascadiaFreight HaulingAdvanced technology and comfort for freight hauling.
Volvo VNL SeriesHeavy Load TransportDesigned for heavy loads with advanced safety features.