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Heavy Equipment Appraisal did a desktop appraisal of a Bomag compactor for us. We couldn’t be more pleased with the very professional results. The information provided was timely and assisted tremendously in our decision on the machine. We will look to Heavy Equipment Appraisal for future needs of our organization!

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    1. We aren’t dealers. We aren’t auctioneers. We appraise equipment. That’s it.
    2. Testimonials
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    4. “If it’s equipment, we appraise it.” (hint: everything)
    5. Our Team (30+ years in the equipment industry)
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    1. Online (Desktop)
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What Our Customers Are Saying

Thanks for the quick turn and the professional approach to getting this done for all concerned.

Brian B.

Vice President of Business Lending, Community Reinvestment Fund

I am pleased to announce that I am looking to buy another piece of equipment & am in need of your equipment appraisal services once again.

I was very pleased with the previous appraisal you provided & had to put zero thought into who I would choose to do this one.

Brandon K.

Construction Contractor

I was very pleased with the speed & thoroughness of your work & will recommend you to others needing appraisal services.

Don P.

Senior Vice President, Community Bank of the Chesapeake

Online Heavy Equipment Appraisal

Time & Budget Friendly

What is an online equipment appraisal?

An online equipment appraisal (limited scope appraisal, or desktop appraisal) is the practice of assigning a value opinion to an item without physically inspecting that item.

What are the benefits of an online appraisal?

✔  ZERO ($0) travel expenses
✔  Perfect for tight budgets
✔  FAST turnaround times
✔  No physical inspection of the equipment
✔  You provide equipment details & photos
✔  Electronic copy (PDF) delivered to your e-mail
✔  Professionally printed & spiral-bound copy

On-Site Heavy Equipment Appraisal

Most Accurate

What is an on-site equipment appraisal?

An on-site appraisal (field appraisal or physical inspection appraisal) is assigning a value opinion to an item after having the chance to physically inspect that item.

What are the benefits of an on-site equipment appraisal?

✔  Send your list & we take care of the rest!
✔  We physically inspect all equipment
✔  We take photos of all machines
✔  We meet with mechanics
✔  Your business doesn’t stop
✔  Electronic copy (PDF) delivered to your e-mail
✔  Professionally printed & spiral-bound copy

How to Become a Heavy Equipment Appraiser

  1. Assuming you know a bit about equipment, start here:  How to Become an Appraiser by the Appraisal Foundation
  2. But then what? Check out these equipment appraiser organizations:
    1. American Society of Appraisers: Machinery & Technical Specialties
    2. Association of Machinery & Equipment Appraisers: Membership Requirements
    3. Nebb Institute (if you don’t know equipment, Nebb has a course to teach you)
  3. Here are some places to find heavy equipment appraiser jobs

Heavy Equipment Appraiser Jobs

Now that you’re a certified heavy equipment appraiser, it’s decision time:

Work for yourself or someone else?

If you need some help, read these:

You’re welcome.

Now that you’ve decided to work or not work for yourself, here are some ideas to get you appraising:

Work for Us!

We’re not currently hiring, but you might be able to talk us into it.

Get in touch. 🙂

Work for Other Heavy Equipment Appraisers

Put your appraiser research skills to good work and go find an equipment appraisal company that you could picture yourself working with/for.

Here are a few we’ve seen hiring lately:

  • TTA Appraisal. Seems like they’re always looking for appraiser contractors and in-house people.
  • Tiger. As of this writing, they’re hiring for 2 machinery and equipment appraiser positions. Also, there’s a real-life tiger on their home page.

Job Sites

Cliche, I know, but why reinvent the wheel?

Take an hour and put your resume up.

If you don’t want to put yourself out there for the world to see, put your search on auto-pilot by setting an alert to be notified via e-mail when your dream job comes along.

It’s like hiring a headhunter…but for free.

Here are some specific job sites that we’ve had good luck finding heavy equipment appraiser jobs on:

U.S. Small Business Administration
Community Reinvestment Fund
We're featured on Academia.edu!
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