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“Heavy Equipment Appraisal did a desktop appraisal for us. We couldn’t be more pleased with the very professional results. The information provided was accurate, timely and assisted tremendously in our decision on the machine. We will look to Heavy Equipment Appraisal for future needs of our organization!”

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I am looking to buy another tractor & am in need of your services once again.

I was very pleased with the accurate appraisal you provided & had to put zero thought into who I would choose to do this one.

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What Types of Tractors Do We Appraise?

Farm tractor appraisal

CC image “It’s Planting Time Again” courtesy of Tumbling Run on Flickr

1. Farm Tractor

trac·tor:  a powerful motor vehicle with large rear wheels, used chiefly on farms for hauling equipment and trailers.

No wonder most of us picture a farm tractor in our minds when we hear the term “tractor”…farm is in the definition!

Though farmers are moving away from traditional tractors for their daily work, common uses on the farm include pushing/pulling agricultural equipment (or trailers), for seeding, plowing, harrowing, tilling, and related tasks.

The most popular agriculture tractor brands include John Deere, New Holland, Case IH, Ford, Kubota, McCormick, International, Challenger, Massey Ferguson, and Fendt.

2. Row-Crop Tractor

We know what a tractor is, but what is a row-crop?

A row-crop is a plant that is grown (in the ground, in rows) as food. Examples include beans, onions, cotton, potatoes, tomatoes, maize (corn), soybeans, and sugar beets.

A row-crop tractor, then, is a tractor that cultivates (prepares) the soil in rows so that the seeds can later be drilled into the soil along those rows.

The rear treads of a row-crop tractor are tall so that they can pass over the plants and are often horizontally adjustable to fit between the rows of the current crop type.

Row-crop tractor appraisal

CC image “Farm Fields & Equipment” courtesy of Lee Cannon on Flickr

Utility tractor appraisal

CC image “Farm Agri 11.2.12” courtesy of Southern Arkansas University on Flickr

3. Utility Tractor

The utility is the tractor equivalent of the utility player in baseball. Wikipedia says:

a utility player is one who can play several positions competently, a sort of jack of all trades.

The utility tractor is no different, as it is compatible with many different attachments (pallet forks, buckets, etc.) to perform many different tasks in many different industries.

Common utility tractor tasks include grading, excavation, towing, pushing, site preparation, and much more.

A low center of gravity, smaller size, and short turning radius allows the utility tractor to perform tasks in spaces that other, bigger, tractors can’t.

4. Compact Utility Tractor (CUT)

A compact utility tractor is just that:  a more compact version of the utility tractor described above.

The CUT is used to perform a variety of general tasks around farms, or even homes on larger plots of land.

The compact version is smaller in both size and horsepower, so is able to reach tight places a regular utility tractor can’t, but unable to perform tasks that require much power.

Attachments are a compact utility trailer’s best friend.  Common attachments include blades (box, grading, mowing), rakes, diggers (post holes, etc), cutters, blowers, seeders, and tillers.

Compact utility tractor appraisal

CC image “New Holland Boomer 30 Compact Tractor – 2013” courtesy of jambox998 on Flickr

Garden tractor appraisal

CC image “James Ranch Tour Ride – Durango Colorado” courtesy of Alan English CPA on Flickr

5. Garden Tractor

For you weekend warriors out there who don’t operate heavy machinery, there’s nothing like hopping on that motorized mowing machine and going to town!

Even Forrest Gump and his red Snapper “liked doin’ it so much, he cut that grass for free”.

Garden tractors (also called mini tractors, lawn tractors, or riding lawnmowers) are not only used for mowing, as they are often seen cultivating ground, plowing snow, towing small items, and pushing snow around.

Popular brands include John Deere, Craftsman, Husqvarna, CubCadet, and Simplicity.

Remember Our Slogan…

We’ve only covered a few types of tractors, but remember:

“If it’s a tractor, we appraise it.”

Actually, we’ve been providing tractor values for so long that a better way to put it…

“If it’s a tractor, we’ve appraised it!”

So if you’re in need of a used tractor appraisal (or new), answer a few simple questions and we’ll get you a quick quote today!


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