LS Tractor vs. Kubota

LS Tractor vs. Kubota (2024 Comparison)

Purchasing a tractor is a big decision that farmers have to get right because big expenses can become big regrets. LS and Kubota tractors are two reliable brands that hundreds of thousands of American farmers trust.

But when it comes to buying your tractor, you have to narrow down the options to a single tractor. So which of these two is better for you?

LS Tractor is better for those who want decent performance for a low price, while Kubota tractors are best for those who want convenience, high output, and reliable customer service and don’t mind paying a premium for it.

In this article, you will learn more about both tractor brands’ average performance across dimensions like hydraulic total, engine type, fuel tank capacity, and manufacturing location. By the end of this post, you will also know which contexts call for which type of tractor. But first, let’s compare the relevant specs of their most popular models.

CategoryLS TractorKubota
AspectLS MT225EKubota L2501
ManufacturingSouth KoreaUSA
Engine Type3 CYL Engine3 CYL Engine
Weight2,434 lbs2,601 lbs
Fuel Tank7.4 Gallons10 Gallons
Hitch Capacity1,918 lbs1808 lbs
Hydraulic Total8.3 GPM12.5 GPM
ConvenienceLess convenientMore convenient
Customer ServiceSlowSuperior
Price$16,350  $17,683

LS Tractors: A Brief Overview

LS Tractors A Brief Overview
Source: lstractorusa

Since its launch in 2008, LS Tractors has been known for its no-nonsense value-for-money approach to hydraulic effectiveness. They are often seen as the more reasonable option.

LS Mtron, a South Korean company, has been making these tractors for over a decade. In this period, it has managed to establish a decent assembly network in the US for the sale of LS Tractors in the USA.

Kubota: A Brief Overview

Kubota A Brief Overview

Kubota has a much longer history dating back to the 1970s when the Japanese foundry was formally established. The journey of the company involved many pivots, and its current structure involves an American company.

Kubota Engine America is responsible for the Kubota tractors that have come to be synonymous with premium tractor ownership and service.



Kubota beats LS Tractors in manufacturing since Kubota tractors are made in the US. LS Tractors that are sold in the US are assembled in the US, but their parts are manufactured in and imported from Korea.

That can be positive if the customer is based in Korea, but for American consumers, foreign parts can be a perceived negative. But is it really a dealbreaker? No. The slight edge that comes with a better-integrated US manufacturing process isn’t significant enough to make Kubota tractors inherently better than LS Tractor models.

Engine Type

Engine Type
Source: otsautoelectric

Kubota and LS Tractors have comparative engines for equivalent models. For instance, both Kubota L2501 and LS MT225E have 3 CYL engines. The extent to which the engines affect the tractors’ output varies due to other factors, though.



The LS MT225E is lighter than the Kubota L2501. With the LS Tractor weighing 2,434 lbs and the Kubota model weighing 2,601 lbs, it is clear that the same engine would have a harder time with the Kubota L2501. LS Tractor would move farther with less fuel usage because it is lighter. This brings up the interesting topic of fuel capacity.


Source: lstractorusa

Kubota has a nearly 25% higher fuel capacity than the LS Tractor. It makes sense, given that in equivalent models, Kubota uses more fuel because of its weight burden. Where the Kubota L2501 has a 10-gallon fuel tank, the LS MT225E has a 7.4-gallon tank.

This is significant because it highlights the efficiency of the LS Tractor. It is designed with a smaller fuel tank because it can get the work done with less fuel. Whether it gets, the same amount of work done is disputed.

Hitch Capacity

Hitch Capacity

Kubota has a slightly higher hitch capacity than an LS Tractor with the same engine type. Kubota L2501, for instance, can hitch 1,918 lbs at a 24” elevation. LS MT225E, on the other hand, hitches a maximum of 1808 lbs.

This is a 110 lb difference which is significant enough to be a dealbreaker for some farmers. However, it isn’t a great enough point of difference to justify the lower efficiency.

Hydraulic Total

Hydraulic Total

The true measure of a tractor’s effectiveness is in its hydraulic capabilities. The LS MT225E has 8.3 Gallons per Minute hydraulic total, while the Kubota L2501 has 12.5 Gallons per Minute hydraulic flow.

The higher the fluid flow, the better the hydraulic output of a tractor. In other words, in comparable models, LS has a significantly better hydraulic output.



Kubota tractors are more convenient and comfortable than LS Tractors. It is pretty clear that LS Tractors prioritize performance over everything.

Their lighter weight isn’t just because of material weight but also the lack of contraptions like cup holders and well-padded seating. You might think that you can customize the tractor after getting it, but its smaller fuel tank isn’t built to carry around a heavier load.

If you get an LS Tractor, you better like it the way it is. And if comfort isn’t as much of a consideration, you should purchase an LS Tractor. But if you want a slightly more convenient tractor, go for the Kubota.



There is an informal consensus that the Kubota tractors last longer than the LS Tractors. But this opinion is heavily influenced by Kubota dealers, owners, and marketers. There isn’t as much of LS Tractors’ side in the discussions that happen on American boards.

From an independent perspective, Kubota tractors do seem to go longer without breaking down, but both options enjoy similar longevity if their parts are serviced well and changed on time.

That “if,” unfortunately, is a big “if,” especially in North America. If you are based in the US, you will find spare parts as well as effective customer service more easily for a Kubota tractor than an LS Tractor. This brings us to a key point of difference.

Customer Service

Customer Service

Kubota’s customer service is superior in North America compared to that of LS Tractors. This has to do with the scale of operations as well as the proximity of spare parts and originals.

If your LS Tractor breaks down, it will take longer to fix through official channels. In the same situation, you’ll have your Kubota fixed a week earlier at a minimum.



Kubota L2501 is over a thousand dollars cheaper than the LS MT225E, but given the cost of fuel, it evens out in price over the tractor ownership period. Ultimately, the price is not as much of a deal-breaking factor.

More importantly, the price difference between the tractors is justified by the difference in their respective capabilities.

Which Tractor Should You Get?

Which Tractor Should You Get

Generally, it is better to get a Kubota tractor if you can afford it and want to be on the safe side. But if you want a good bargain, you should choose an LS Tractor. Kubota tractors rarely beat the value-for-money proposition of LS Tractors.

In this section, we will cover who should get an LS Tractor and who will be better off with a Kubota. As mentioned earlier, this depends on what you’re looking for.

Choose LS Tractor For Fuel Economy.

LS Tractors aren’t as weighty, have great hydraulic total, and can do more work with less fuel. This makes them a great economical option for people looking for upfront savings.

Choose Kubota For Quick Customer Service

Kubota has a very good dealership presence and excellent customer service for its North American market. Getting the same type of service with LS Tractors would require a good dealer.

Choose LS Tractor For A Lower Price.

LS Tractors cost $1000 to $1500 less than their Kubota equivalents. Since LS Tractors are backed by LG, they’re not off-brand and still come at a bargain.

Choose Kubota For Durability

Kubota tractors break down less often than LS Tractors. If you know that you’re likely to be rough with your tractor, then pick a Kubota model that can take the punishment.

Choose LS Tractor For A Value-Stable Warranty.

LS Tractors come with a reasonable warranty, often at no extra cost. But you need to have a reliable dealer for that.

Choose Kubota For Convenience.

Buying a high-quality Kubota tractor is easier, and the brand’s tractors are built to be comfortable and effective. If you spend long hours on your farm, you might as well get a tractor with comfortable seating.

LS Tractor And Kubota FAQs

LS Tractor And Kubota FAQs
Source: lstractorusa

Is Kubota Japanese?

Kubota, the company, is Japanese, but its tractors aren’t all made in Japan.

Is Kubota Made In The Usa?

Kubota tractors that are sold in the USA are usually made in Georgia. This includes the manufacturing of the parts as well as their assembly.

Where Is LS Tractor Made?

LS Tractors are made in South Korea and assembled in warehouses across America. They considered South Korean tractors.

Who Makes LS Tractors?

LS Tractors are made by the LG group, which is a South Korean conglomerate. Its US truck manufacturing subsidiary, LS Mtron, is responsible for sourcing and assembling the LS Tractors in the USA.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

LS Tractors save money, while Kubota tractors cost more but are often worth it. You cannot go wrong with a Kubota purchase, but when you buy an LS Tractor, you can make a serious mistake in selecting a dealer.

Aside from the customer experience difference and the convenience of getting spare parts, LS Tractors have a slight edge over Kubota models.


Is Kubota better than LS?

The choice between Kubota and LS tractors depends on individual preferences and specific needs. Both brands manufacture quality tractors. Kubota is a well-established brand known for its reliability and extensive dealer network. LS, on the other hand, offers a range of tractors with competitive features and often at a more budget-friendly price point. To determine which is better for you, consider factors like the intended use, available features, dealer support, and your budget.

Does LS make a good tractor?

LS tractors have gained a reputation for being good, reliable machines. They are manufactured by LS Mtron, a South Korean company with a history dating back to 1977. LS tractors are known for offering a range of models with various features and horsepower options to suit different agricultural and landscaping needs. Their performance and value can make them a suitable choice for many buyers.

Who are LS tractors made by?

LS tractors are manufactured by LS Mtron, a company headquartered in South Korea. LS Mtron has a strong presence in the agricultural machinery industry and produces a wide range of tractors and equipment for global markets.

What does LS tractor stand for?

LS stands for “Life’s Simple.” The brand aims to provide reliable, straightforward, and efficient tractors and equipment to simplify the lives of farmers, landscapers, and property owners.