An online equipment appraisal (desktop) is the perfect solution for anyone in search of an ASAP-solution or cost effective equipment appraisal.

If your schedule allows, we recommend an on-site equipment appraisal instead.

Online equipment appraisal

Brandon, a construction contractor from the great state of Tennessee, is growing his business through sound business decisions. For example, Brandon is making smart equipment purchases, aided by our online equipment appraisal services. Brandon recently sent us this email:

I am pleased to announce that I am looking to buy another piece of equipment and will be in need of your online equipment appraisal services once again. I was very pleased with the previous appraisal you provided and had to put zero thought into who I would choose to do this one.
Brandon K.
Construction Contractor

Online Equipment Appraisal FAQs:

What is a desktop (online) appraisal?

An online equipment appraisal, desktop appraisal, or limited scope appraisal, is an appraisal report that is the result of valuating an item without physically inspecting that item. The online equipment appraisal theory is that most often than not, enough assumptions can be made about the item to effectively and accurately assign a value to the item. Our promise to you:  If we’re not the “man/woman for the job”, we’ll tell you! (we’re not big fans of wasting anyone’s time or money),  We may even help you find the right man/woman for the job.

The accuracy of an online equipment appraisal relies heavily on descriptive and honest descriptions by the client. Whenever possible, clients should be able to provide pictures of the item. Still, pictures rarely tell the whole story. We’ve all gotten excited about pictures of a car, house, girl, guy, boat, kid’s bike, etc. on the internet before, right? Only to come crashing down to earth when we saw them in real life and they looked nothing like their profile picture. Valuating something that can’t be seen, handled, operated, and inspected with a fine-tooth-comb will never be as accurate as valuating an item that you can (see field appraisal). Period. That goes for us, that goes for other appraisers, and that goes for the foremost experts on the item. Run for the hills if another appraiser tells you otherwise. Come see us, we operate our appraisal business out of the hills. That being said, desktop appraisals are extremely popular.  Read why in the next question.

Value conclusions from online equipment appraisals (or any type of appraisal) will never be as accurate as on-site appraisals, ours come very close. We can’t speak for other appraisers, but we can truthfully make the above statement because we routinely perform quality assurance exercises on the appraisals we deliver. Online equipment appraisals can most always be produced faster than on-site (field) appraisals. Field appraisals take time to coordinate, time to travel, time to inspect the items, time to get hassled by after-hours guards (I’ll save that story for another time), time to get locked inside the gate at an equipment yard (another story for another time), time to take pictures. You get the idea. Desktop equipment appraisals are usually less expensive than is a field appraisal.  As mentioned above, on-site appraisals take longer. Simply:  less time on the job = less expensive.