An on-site equipment appraisal by Heavy Equipment Appraisal is the most accurate equipment appraisal money can buy.

If you need the appraisal ASAP or have a limited budget, we recommend an online equipment appraisal instead.

Here are the answers to the questions about on-site appraisals most asked by our customers:

What is a field appraisal?

In short, an on-site equipment appraisal, or field appraisal, is the practice of valuating an item after having the chance to physically inspect that item.

The term “field” refers to a generic place that an appraiser might find the machine in order to  inspect it.  As in “going out to the field to take a look at a piece of equipment”.

A field appraisal is the most accurate method that we can appraise your items.  Keep in mind that, by definition, an appraisal is an opinion:

An appraisal is an objective opinion giving sound reasons for the conclusion of value.

Field appraisals are the most accurate method of equipment valuation because physically inspecting an item provides for stronger, more sound reasoning behind value conclusion.  We operate with the belief that an appraisal is only as accurate as the evidence behind it.

Physically inspecting an item provides priceless insight about that piece of equipment.  Even more priceless if you have a trained eye and know what you’re looking for (like we do!).

An on-site equipment appraisal gives us the chance to verify to the party requesting the appraisal that the appraisee does, in fact, possess the item or items being appraised.  This is an added benefit for a loan officer who is trying to evaluate an application – not only does a field appraisal help to valuate that item, but it also helps to prove that the entity applying isn’t falsifying assets.

A field appraisal is not only beneficial to heavy equipment lenders, but also to the entity who is trying to secure funding.  A field appraisal gives us the chance to observe, and ultimately report on the inner workings of the entity seeking funding.

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